2024-04-24 Dengping was selected as the Schmidt Science Fellow 2024. Congratulations! [HKU press release

2024-04-05 Congratulations to Dengping on graduation!

2023-12-21 Paper on Janus particles with tunable patch symmetry and their assembly into chiral colloidal clusters is online at Nature Communications!

2023-10-16 Welcome Dr. Wei Li on joining our group!

2023-09-04 Welcome Zeqi on joining our group!

2023-08-14 Congratulations to Zhisheng on graduation!

2023-08-03 Welcome Dr. Hao Wu from Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences as our visiting professor joining our group.

2023-06-30 Paper on biomimetic thermoresponsive superstructures by colloidal soft-and-hard co-assembly is online at Science Advances. Congratulations to Dengping and other co-authors! Please check out the paper here.

2023-06-27 The Wang group attent the 2023 Colloid and Interface Symposium (COINS) at the University of Pennsylvania, PA. And congratulations to Dengping on recieving the outstanding poster award!

2023-06-04 The group attent the 97th ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC and gave several oral and poster presentations. Please see details here.

2023-01-14 Congratulations to Dr. Wang on receiving the Outstanding Young Researcher Award! Check out his video presentation here

2022-12-13 Paper on light-activated colloidal micromotors with synthetically tunable shapes and shaped-directed propulsion is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! Congratulations to Yijiang!

2022-10-13 Congratulation to Yijiang on graduation!

2022-09-07 Review paper on engineering shapes of active colloids for tunable dynamics is published in Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science!

2022-08-26 Welcome Runkai and Barry on joining our group!

2022-07-12 Congratulation to Dengping on winning the Langmuir Best Oral Presentation Award!

2022-07-09 Paper on low-dimensional assemblies of metal-organic framework particles and mutually coordinated anisotropy is published in Nature Communications!

2022-06-24 Paper on block co-polyMOC micelles and structural synergy as composite nanocarriers is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! 

2022-04-06 Paper on binary phase and crystal assembled from active and passive colloids is published on ACS Nano!

2021-12-09 Paper on synthesizing patch MOF particles and their precise assembly is published on Angewandte Chemie!

2021-11-18 Our Paper on using MOF as micromotors appears online at JACS.

2021-07-19 Review paper on assembly of DNA-coated colloids is published in Frontiers in Physics. Congratulations!

2021-02-26 Our new paper on assembly of patchy particles is published in ACS Nano. Congratulations!

2020-10-17 Congratulations to Dengping on getting the Best Poster Award at the Symposium!

2020-10-16 Lei’s paper on making hollow particles is published in Langmuir. Congratulations!

2020-09-20 Dr. Wang is awarded NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2020 (Hong Kong/ Macau)!

2020-06-04 Our paper on active colloidal molecules is highlighted by editors!

2020-05-29 Our paper on active colloidal molecules appears online in Nature Communications!

2019-12-16 Dr. Wang officially receives the Croucher Innovation Award.

2019-08-25 Paper on active patchy colloids is accepted for publication in JACS!

2019-06-14 COINS 2019: check out the lineup at https://cons2019.weebly.com/

2018-11-22 Review paper on metal-organic cages and their application in drug delivery is published in Macromolecular Research.

2018-06-30 The group is awarded General Research Fund 2018. Thanks to RGC for the kind support.

2018-01-18 The group is awarded PDF from HKU to support postdoctoral fellow.

2017-06-30 The group is awarded Early Career Scheme grant! Many thanks to RGC Hong Kong for supporting us.

2017-05-18 The group is awarded Seed Fund for New Staff for Basic Science! Many thanks to HKU.

2016-08-01 Dr. Yufeng Wang started his position at the Chemistry Department, HKU!